Sergei Arhipov was born in Salmi, Russian Karelia.
In 1998 he moved from Murmansk, Russia, to Turku, Finland, and from 2008 he is living in Helsinki.
At first time Sergei presented his art-works on personal exhibition in 1991 in Murmansk Art Museum, in Russia. One year later he had an exhibition in Rovaniemi Art Museum, in Finland.
Sergei Arhipov is a member of artists group of TRIADA (Helsinki) and of Finlands naivist painter’s association.
- Naive style of painting demonstrates positive feelings and humor, it is open-hearted, clear and natural, so as the child game, or animal’s eyes, or the dome of the sky. Naive painting is a simple look to the complicated things, - Sergei says.
Arhipov’s works are there in private collections in Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, USA, Czech, Great Britain, Finland and Russia.


Traide union school gallery Helsinki, Finland 2015
Art Cafe Turku, Finland 2014
Cultura-foundation Kasi culture hall Helsinki, Finland 2013
Turku Science Park Turku, Finland 2007
Kraft culture gallery Turku, Finland 2005
Russian and East-European institute Helsinki, Finland 2005-2007
Finland-Russia association Turku, Finland 2004-2007
International culture Center Turku, Finland 2002-2007
Regional Art Museum Murmansk, Russia 1991


Picasso Art Fair, Galerie Thuillier Paris, France 2016
Parallax Art Fair London, GB 2016
1-st Salon Internacional De Arte Naif Bogota, Colombia 2015
Art Trend International Art fair at Stieglitz Palace Saint-Petersburg 2015
8-th Art Naif Festival in Szyb Wilson Galleryt Katowice, Poland 2015
Triada – Art Union in St-Petersburg’s Hermitage Vyborg, Russia 2015
Naivists of Finland in Tallinn Estonia 2015
International Exhibitions of Art and Design Kyoto, Japan 2013-2014
Triada – Art Union exhibitions Helsinki from 2009
Naivists of Finland association exhibitions Finland & abroad from 2007
Ars Jok’Vars art-exhibitions Jämsä, Finland 2002-2005
Lapin Regional Art Museum Rovaniemi, Finland 1992

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